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ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) aims to tackle bullying in a holistic way, helping young people exercise their fundamental rights in the home, school, class and community (i.e. peer group).

The project aims to develop social and emotional learning skills as a means of building resilience in young people so that they can better understand and become more responsible and effective for their on- and offline social interactions.

ENABLE has been implemented in half a dozen countries across Europe.

Check the ENABLE Press Pack to find out more about the project and about the ENABLE ambassadors who are working together to combat bullying on an international level. For more information, also check the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Check the ENABLE Ambassador calendar for more information on upcoming activities.


By the beginning of July, the project consortium is launching the ENABLE Hackathon to encourage young people to work in teams with a mentor to reflect on bullying (what it is, the consequences, how it can be stopped, positive actions against bullying, etc.) in an environment geared to improving their online skills whilst celebrating their problem solving skills and creativity. Read more about the Hackathon and sign up for it!


The ENABLE public launch took place in Athens on 11-12 March 2015 and brought together more than 50 policy makers, teachers, academics and health professionals from around the globe, the aim being to introduce the project, provide a forum of discussion for the Think Tank members and create solidarity as the project continues. Read more. View all the pictures of the event.

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