Meet the ENABLE Ambassadors

Alistair Black (UK) is the behaviour and attendance consultant for Trafford Council. One of his roles is that of Education Officer responsible for anti-bullying. He works with a wide range of primary and secondary schools supporting with policy writing, promoting good practice and developing current strategies.

“I am looking forward to implementing the ENABLE Project as I'm sure the wide range of cross curricular resources contained within the programme will have a positive impact on the young people involved.”


Ann Foxley-Johnson (UK) is a dedicated anti-bullying educator and campaigner. She is leading her anti-bullying education project in Rotherham by delivering to all educational establishments in the area. Campaigning and raising awareness via education about the impact of bullying behaviour is a passion of hers.

“I believe all participants in ENABLE will develop empowered, resilient, confident individuals who can eliminate bullying behaviour in establishments throughout.”


Antoniou Pantelis (Greece) finished his first MA degree in Reading University and his second one in IoE, University of London. He is working as a Primary teacher in a private school in Greece. At this time, Antoniou is also deputy head teacher in his school. He is a member of school's team against bullying and he has worked a lot in this area during the last 4 years.

“From the program I am expecting to help my students to feel secure and to be able to express their feelings. I want to strengthen them and to become able to solve their problems.”


Ben Forte (UK) is the Director of Learning Commons at Devonport High School for Boys. He is an Ed-technologist always looking for exciting new ways to enhance learning using technology. Ben actively promotes the use of technology in schools has been all over the world doing talks and running workshops to help other schools embrace new technologies.

“I hope that ENABLE will give schools a firm grounding for establishing a solid anti-bullying policy and ethos. I hope with the help of other ENABLE Ambassadors we can reduce and even eliminate bullying!”


Bo Hansen (Denmark) has worked as a pedagogue for 20 years, the last 6 years as consultant in youth crime prevention. He works primarily in schools with children and parents, and secondarily as a street worker.

“What I expect from ENABLE: a tool to minimize bullying, based on research and evidence.”


Carl Casey (UK) is currently Head of Key Stage 3 and an Academic Mentor at a Manchester Secondary School. He has worked in education since 2013, having previously been a leader for several notable international retail companies.

“My hope for ENABLE: to embed a program that will change the way bullying is dealt with within our school and in turn empower our students.”


Carole Phillips (UK), criminologist, Churchill Fellow 2014, Student Support & Child Protection Officer, Head of Year 7, CEOP Ambassador, PSE educator in secondary high school, specialising in child protection online and offline, particularly bullying.

"Educating students and school staff on how to address bullying is a huge challenge which I am looking forward to".


Catherine Davies (UK) is the Personal Adviser at Milton Keynes Academy, supporting vulnerable young people in building their resilience and improving their emotional well-being. Anti-Bullying Lead and Co-ordinator of the Academy’s Peer Mentor and AntiBullying Ambassador Programme.

“ENABLE will empower students to make positive changes in their schools, creating learning environments in which everyone feels safe, happy and confident.”


Danijel Forjan (Croatia) is an ICT teacher in primary school Domovinska zahvalnost in city of Knin, Dalmatia. He is also a website administrator and CARNet (Croatian Academic And Research Network) administrator.

“From ENABLE I expect to implement anti-bullying strategies in different schools. Also to encourage and empower our students to make positive changes for themselves in school, local and wider communities.”


Daniel Shahin (UK) is Assistant Director of the Learning Commons & Educational Technologist @ DHSB. He works collaboratively across the whole school to develop learning & the environment across subject areas, real world learning, PSHEE, citizenship and pastoral care.

On ENABLE: “Working with my school and other schools to change their environment & culture, to improve the emotional well-being of students & eliminating bullying within the institutions using Peer Mentors.”


Danijela Lokmer (Croatia) is a teacher of English and Italian language with 15 years of experience with teaching both children and adults. For the last 5 years she has been working with primary and secondary school children and she has given talks at conferences and workshops both in Croatia and abroad.

“I expect ENABLE project to help me understand the problem of bullying and to help children who are victims of bullying. I believe that the project will also improve the school discipline and behaviour of our pupils.”


Eleni Papamichalaki (Greece) works as a high school teacher in Greece. She holds a Master’s Degree in EFL Teaching Methodology, is an accredited trainer for on-line safety, Intra-school violence and bullying. Over the last three years she has led information sessions for students, teachers and parents on relevant issues.

As a member of the ENABLE Team she expects to gain the skills and expertise to foster a new school ethos and culture against bullying through awareness, empowerment and education.


Ellen Stassart (Belgium) has worked as University researcherlecturer, Deputy Director at the Flemish Government and as Chief Officer at Child Focus. She is currently President of the School Board and Representative in the school community (9 schools), since 8 years active as mother in the parent's association.

Expectations from ENABLE: 1) Guide schools to find clear, tailored information for immediate use; 2) Contribute to a multidisciplinary approach involving schools, experts, parents and children; 3) Foster an open dialogue about bullying ensuring that parents have a voice and take on responsibility.


Emma Grimes (UK) is a Secondary Mathematics teacher in Dyffryn Comprehensive, UK in her fourth year of teaching.

“As an active Form Teacher and aspiring Head of Year I am aware of the effects bullying has on pupils wellbeing and progress. This is the reason I applied to become an ENABLE Ambassador. I am looking forward to passing on the Knowledge gained to ensure bullying is minimised and that future generations are more equipped to deal with and combat any bullying issues that may arise.”


James Down (UK) is the Specialist Support Team Manager and Child Protection Officer at the Milton Keynes Academy. He is an AntiBullying and Online Safety Trainer and Consultant. He supports parents, carers and professionals to promote and ensure the safety and welfare of young people on and offline.

“ENABLE will empower and inspire young people to promote positive wellbeing, by developing resilience within themselves and others.”


Konstantina Kotsi (Greece) is an EFL teacher and head teacher of the 6th State Primary School of Aghioi Anargyroi in Athens, Greece. She is a board member of the Panhellenic Association of State School Teachers of English and member of the Greek school network against bullying.

Konstantina expects to adapt the ENABLE material to the Greek reality aiming at supporting herself, her colleagues and pupils cope with bullying effectively.


Lisa Fenton (UK) is a history teacher at Ballyclare High School in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Recently, she has become involved in anti-bullying and e-Safety within school. She promotes life-long learning in a creative and caring environment.

“I hope to be an advocator of the ENABLE programme to empower children and eliminate bullying.”


Mhairi Hill (UK) is the eSafety Coordinator and Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection at Ballyclare High School, a Grammar school with approximately 1200 pupils situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Self-respect, respect for others and tolerance of diversity are important aspects of the school ethos.

“We actively encourage our pupils to adopt leadership roles and hope that the ENABLE programme will develop a cohort of pupils skilled in supporting their peers.”


Monica Iorga (Romania) has been working in education as a teacher since 1999. She teaches history and civic education. Throughout the years, she has been involved in many projects for promoting human rights and especially children's rights, for increasing and improving the grade of participation of students in school life and in the community.

“Sharing ENABLE, I can spread values as tolerance, empathy, respect for yourself and for others, non-discrimination, very necessary in our private and public life so that we can have a normal life. So, let’s get ENABLE!”


Nicki Hewson Betts (UK) works in the behaviour and pastoral department of a secondary school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

“I am excited to be taking part in a far-reaching project. Through working in primary and secondary schools, I have seen first-hand how traumatising bullying can be for young people, but also how, when empowered, learners can change not only themselves but also their school environment. I look forward to seeing how this project helps the young people that I work with every day develop their emotional literacy and their ability to be able to help others."


Trine Meyer Nielsen (Denmark) works at a school in Denmark with 370 pupils. She teaches 10 lessons a week in second grade and she is also the coordinator of the department for children who need extra support during their day in school.

Expectations from ENABLE: “I expect that the project will increase the attention about the work we already do about the subject bullying.”

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