If you wish to sign up for the ENABLE Hackathon - either as a Team member, a Mentor or a Supporting Adult - please fill out one or both sections of this form online. Mentors are required to read and approve the Child Protection Code of Practice before their registration can be accepted.

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If you are a young person aged between 9 and 17

If you are a Supporting adult

If you are an administration, institution or public or private company


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Looking for a mentor to help you build an app, to create a video, or to support your team? Contact info-enable@eun.org and we can help you out.


  1. Register your team with no less than 1 and no more than 4 of your friends, using Section 2 of the Registration form.
  2. Choose a mentor, or let us choose one for you.
  3. Meet your mentor online to discuss bullying and define your project to create an app, video or any other tool to prevent and/or combat bullying.
  4. Work on your creation over summer.
  5. Meet your mentor again online in September to check your progress.
  6. Submit your creation to ENABLE.eun.org with a short description by 27 September, 2015 before 23.00 CET
  7. Receive an ENABLE Certificate of Participation and… If your creation is one of the best, get ready to join us in London to celebrate EU Code week (10-14 October 2015)!


  1. Choose one person from your organization to Mentor, or coach, a Team (see above).
  2. A Mentor may join the Hackathon with a team by filling out both sections of the Registration form. Alternatively, a Mentor may request that a team is allocated by filling out Section 1 only.
  3. The Mentor shall read and agree to Child protection principles attached to the Mentor registration form.
  4. The Mentor will attend an online discussion with the local ENABLE representative to clearly understand the role and obligations.
  5. The Mentor will contact his/her team (with info-ENABLE @eun.org in copy) to set up a first online meeting. The aim is to analyse with the Team the process of bullying in order to define the app, video or any other tool that the Team will create to prevent and/or combat bullying.
  6. The Mentor will organize a second online meeting in September to check the Team’s progress and ensure that the creation is submitted to ENABLE.eun.org with a short description by 27 September, 2015 before 23.00 CET.
  7. If the Mentor’s Team is selected to attend the event at Facebook, London to showcase its creation (for 2 days between 10-14 October 2015) the Mentor is invited at his/her organisation’s own cost, to attend the event. Mentors may also, at the cost of their organization, cover the travel of their Team to the London event.
Your role is to accompany your Team at the online meetings, encourage and support them in creating their product, but NOT to create or code the product for them. You will act as representative for the young people in all official steps involved in the Hackathon: registration, setting up the two meetings with the Mentor, submitting the product by 27 September, 2015 before 23.00 CET, and accompanying the Team to the London EU Code week event.



Child protection Code of Practice: to be read and approved by Mentors

Acting as a Mentor to a team of young people is considered a “position of trust”, and hence requires you to adhere to a few basic principles. Please tick the box ‘I agree’ at the end of the following 5 points.


  1. Meetings with the Hackathon team of young people shall be exclusively online, and shall systematically include info-ENABLE@eun.org in copy. Online discussions shall be limited to the topics of bullying and the creation of the tool which is the object of this mentorship activity.
  2. Parental consent must be obtained if, for any reason, a face-to-face meeting is envisaged (for example, to accompany a winning team to the Hackathon event); info-ENABLE@eun.org shall immediately informed of any such request.
  3. In case of inappropriate behavior: it is in your interest to remember that inappropriate behavior, or allegations of such, can also occur via the telephone, Internet and e-mail. For this reason we request that you keep info-ENABLE@eun.org team in copy at all times, and that no online discussion takes place with less than two young people from your team. Info-ENABLE@eun.org shall be immediately informed of any allegations made by a team member or supporting adult.
  4. Bullying may be a delicate subject for certain young people. If it comes to your attention that a team member is in distress or in need of support, please contact info-ENABLE@eun.org. The national ENABLE representative will discreetly investigate the situation and, if deemed necessary, may provide psychological support via a national helpline service.
  5. Videos and photographs of young people are considered personal data, according to the Data Protection Act 1998. Written consent shall be obtained before any images of team members are created or displayed. If the data subject is capable of comprehending the implications of consenting to the data use, then their consent should be sought; otherwise, the consent of a parent or legal guardian shall be obtained. Whenever an image of a child or vulnerable adult is published, the data subject should, as far is as practicable, be unidentifiable.



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