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ENABLE - A summary of activities: 2014–2016

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For teachers

Planning overview

Lesson plans PPT Resources

1. Who am I?




2. How are you?1L2R1
3. Nature of bullying1L3R1
4. Reading emotions1L4R1
5. It's not bullying1L5R1
6. Steering emotions1L6R1 (incl. in PPT) 
L6R2 (incl. in PPT) 
L6R3 (incl. in PPT) 
7. Sowing the seed1L7R1
8. Making a difference1 
9. Foundations for change1L9R1*
10. What next?1L10R1


*If you intend to use the scoring feedback on Questionnaire L9R1 for students, then each question score is weighted as follows:

Never 1  Rarely 2  Sometimes 3  Often 4  Always 5

These should then correlate to the feedback score ranges identifi ed in L9R2. However, it is worth bearing in mind that these scores are neither judgemental nor defi nitive but allow students to determine whether there have been any changes to the way they have responded to the questionnaire after completing the lesson sequence. An alternative approach may be to discuss the reasons behind their responses to verbalise any changes in perspective or attitude.


For ENABLE implementation leaders

Making ENABLE Work
Webinars - Implementing ENABLE

Impact Assessment Kit:


For Staff Peer Support Lead

One-day training course for Peer Supporter students1
Weekly Peer Supporter sessions overview 
10 weekly Peer Supporter session outlines 

For Peer Supporters

Peer Reflection Activities
Campaign Material Pack

For Parents/Carers

Anti-bullying Parent / Carer Pack 
Bullying and your child  



Get the full resource pack in a single zipped folder: Download


** Check out the new Parent Pack for some useful tips on how to keep you children away from bullying accidents and the impact they can have.


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