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Are you willing to work in teams with other young people and a mentor to reflect on bullying? Would you like to improve not only your digital skills but also your problem solving skills and creativity? The ENABLE Hackathon is for you! You will have the chance to prepare apps and tools - including videos, presentations etc. - which will be helpful to support the elimination of bullying

The ENABLE Hackathon aims to encourage young people to work in teams with a mentor to reflect on bullying (what it is, the consequences, how it can be stopped, positive actions against bullying, etc.) in an environment geared to improving their online skills whilst celebrating their problem solving skills and creativity.
The tangible outcomes will be apps and tools (including videos, presentations etc.) which will be made available to support the elimination of bullying. The ENABLE Hackathon creations will be showcased at a central EU Coding week 2015 event to bring added value to the EU coding initiative and benefit from its visibility to raise awareness of anti-bullying approaches. 
Although Hackathon in the true sense of the word is an event in which computer programmers and software developers collaborate intensively over a software project, the ENABLE Hackathon is a modified version adapted to 11-14 year olds. It aims to project them into the problem, by leading them to understand the process and the dynamics behind bullying as they work in teams to devise solutions.  
Each team will be accompanied by a mentor i.e. a tech-savvy person from industry or the public or civil sector, throughout the 1-3 month hackathon process. Mentors will guide and support their team, helping them to analyse the bullying process in order to define and design an innovative final product to build self-awareness and change behaviours; mentors will not create the product for their team or do any coding. They can choose to create teams with their own designated young people or request the aid from a Consortium partner to put together a team.

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