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The ENABLE team has published fresh content for its audience of education practitioners, parents and carers interested in anti-bullying trends and approaches. Here is what is new:

The ENABLE Webinars

The team has created a series of webinars with the aim of presenting the project, its objectives, the approach it relies on, and the ways in which it has been rolled out on a pan-European level. Each of the five videos, created by the project consortium partners, focuses on a different aspect of ENABLE and highlights its role on- and offline, in the classroom and beyond.  The webinars explore various topics such as Peer Supporter Schemes and Helplines. To find out more, watch the webinars here. Note that you can also take the ENABLE quiz and apply for an ENABLE “knowledge” badge (Read more about this in the FAQ section).

The ENABLE Parent Pack

You should also check out the newest ENABLE anti-bullying resource, the ENABLE Parent Pack, created for the purpose of educating parents and carers about ways in which they can protect their children from bullying incidents and keep them safe online. The publication sheds light on the importance of social and emotional skills and teaches readers how they can help young people acquire these. The Parent Pack is part of a comprehensive set of anti-bullying resources available for free here. All resources are available in English and a selection of them, in French, Dutch, Croatian, Greek and Danish.

ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) aims to tackle bullying in a holistic way, helping young people exercise their fundamental rights in the home, school, class and community (i.e. peer group). The project focuses on developing social and emotional learning skills as a means of building resilience in young people so that they can better understand and become more responsible when it comes to their on- and offline social interactions. ENABLE is being rolled out in six countries across Europe.

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