Cyberbullying - A guide for parents and educators will be launched on 21 April, National Cyberbullying Awareness Day


Marking the National Cyberbullying Awareness Day celebrated on 21 April, Plátano Editora (Portugal) announces the release of Cyberbullying – Um guia para pais e educadores (Cyberbullying - A guide for parents and educators) written by Sonia Seixas (an ENABLE Think Tank member), Luis Fernandes and Tito de Morais, and prefaced by Prof. Daniel Sampaio.

The authors gather together unparalleled expertise in Portugal in the field of preventing, intervening and combating bullying and cyberbullying. They have written about these issues in the form of books and articles, and have promoted awareness through media appearances and training activities aimed at children, youth, parents, educators and other professionals. This guide, the first book in Portugal on how to identify, prevent, intervene and combat cyberbullying, is intended to help families, schools and communities, including parents and guardians, teachers and educators, and other professionals, who deal with children and youth, or have them under their guard, or responsibility. Through this book, readers will learn:

  • What is cyberbullying and what are the differences in relation to bullying;
  • How does the communication mediated by screens facilitate cyberbullying;
  • How cyberbullying is manifested in different ways, means and forms;
  • What are the participants in cyberbullying and what roles do they play;
  • What are the warning signs of cyberbullying that we should be aware of and what are its consequences;
  • What regulatory, educational, parental and technological approaches, families, schools and communities can take to prevent, identify, intervene and combat cyberbullying.

Author of the preface Prof. Sampaio said, "Cyberbullying - A guide for parents and educators is a timely book, very useful to young people, parents and educators." and added that it’s an important book which "contains a lot of relevant information on the subject, provides numerous ideas for reflection and gives concrete clues to action without ever falling into paternalism or backward-looking considerations". The Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine in University of Lisbon concludes: "We have a duty to spread the word about this work for young people, parents and educators, so that everyone can have an active attitude towards this issue of our days".

The launch will take place at FNAC Colombo in Lisbon at 6:30pm on 21 April. The book’s presentation will be carried out by Reginaldo Rodrigues de Almeida, university professor, journalist, co-author and host of the television show Falar Global (Global Talk), and Manuel Coutinho, secretary-general of the Instituto de Apoio à Criança (Institute of Child Support), coordinator of SOS Criança (SOS Children) and Linha da Criança Desaparecida (Missing Children Helpline).

The book is part of a larger initiative carried out by the authors aimed at providing information, enhancing awareness and educating to prevent, identify, intervene and combat cyberbullying. It includes a supporting website, a social media presence, awareness-raising and training seminars, workshops, both in-person and online courses, and awareness campaigns on the subject.

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