ENABLE workshop in Costa Rica


ENABLE workshop in Costa Rica is gaining popularity among young people.

The ENABLE teams are working hard to get their creations ready for the Hackathon deadline! Many young people together with their mentors are collaborating to design an app or any other creative tool which will help reduce bullying. 

But ENABLE is not just getting spread in Europe! We have also some teams from Costa Rica and Egypt!

In Costa Rica the participants are working together in workshops which started two weeks ago.  22 students, aged from 11 to 16 years old, are enthusiastically taking part in this initiative. They come from three high schools of the Metropolitan Area.


During the workshop a mentor will instruct the students on how to code and how to run basic computer programs. In addition, a psychologist specialist on bullying will help the young people develop social and emotional learning skills to become more responsible and effective for their on- and offline social interactions.

The Costa Rica ENABLE Workshop is supported by the Veritas University and the Ministry of Telecommunications.

Good luck to the team in Costa Rica and to all the other participants!
Don’t forget to submit your creation by 27 September (you’ll shortly find the submission form on the website).

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