The ENABLE surveys are ready to be implemented


After weeks of exchange, the pre- and post-assessment surveys are ready to be implemented.

For Adolescent Health has led the project to create surveys aimed to evaluate the perceptions and needs of children and young people participating in the ENABLE programme.

The survey will also have a secondary role in documenting the effectiveness of the ENABLE programme by examining data before and after programme implementation.

The ENABLE assessment incorporates data from three collection sources: 1) a student survey, written in language and tone for students, 2) a teacher survey and 3) focus groups with students.

The survey is accessible via an online platform and will be completed twice: before rolling out the ENABLE resources (pre-assessment phase/January 2016) and again 4-6 weeks after the programme completion (post-assessment/May 2016).

Stay tuned to this area to follow the survey results.

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