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36 Tiras Seguranet - Banda desenhada (pdf- Alta Resolução)

Languages: pt Age range:6 - 16
Keywords:seguranet, internet, segurança, insafe, esafety, Sexting, Privacy, Cyberbullying, Copyright, Mobile
Resource type: reference, image, drill and practice, exploration, presentation
Description:Conjunto de 36 episódios em Banda desenhada, sobre o tema da Segurança na Internet. Poderá ser usado...
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Watch Your Space: Anti-Cyberbullying Website for Teenagers

Languages: en Age range:12 - 18
Keywords:cyberbullying, Webwise, youth, panel, bullying, anti, bullying, procedures
Resource type: website
Description:Site aimed at post-primary students looking to address the topic of cyberbullying in their local com...
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Blogs/ Mācību platforma:

Languages: lv Age range:Older than 10 years old.
Keywords:internets, riski, apdraudējumi, blogs, video, drošība, pazemošana, sextings, skolēni
Resource type: course, guide, lesson plan, other, tool, video, weblog, website
Description:Vietne un video blogu sižeti “Interneta noslēpumi – atklāti!” ir izveidoti,...
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The Promise: An Anti-Cyberbullying Video

Languages: en Age range:13 - 19
Resource type: video
Description:This awareness broadcast-quality video clip is a centerpiece for an anti-cyber bullying campaign. Th...
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Digital dialog i skolen

Languages: da Age range:Older than 7 years old.
Resource type: guide, lesson plan, tool, website
Description:“Digital dialog i skolen” er tilgængelig via hjemmesiden Herfra kan materialet...
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#Up2Us Anti-Bullying Kit: Anti-Cyberbullying Lesson Plans and Student Activities

Languages: de, en, sl Age range:12 - 15
Keywords:cyber, bullying, cyberbullying, anti, bullying, internet, safety, peer, to, peer
Resource type: case study, glossary, guide, lesson plan, project, role play, simulation
Description:The #Up2Us Anti-Bullying Kit aims to empower young people to tackle cyber bullying in their communit...
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Οδηγός για μαμάδες και μπαμπάδες, για παππούδες και γιαγιάδες

Languages: el Age range:Not specified.
Keywords:μαμάδες, μπαμπάδες, παππούδες, γιαγιάδες, προστασία, ιδιωτικής, μας, ζωής, αγνώστους, ηλεκτρονική, παρανόχληση, ύποπτες, ιστοσελίδες
Resource type: guide
Description:Γραμμένος σε απλή γλώσσα που απευθύνεται σε κάθε γονέα και κάθε παππού ή γιαγιά - είτε χρησιμοποιούν...
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Languages: it Age range:13 - 19
Resource type: video
Description:"Condividi chi?" è un video che è stato prodotto in occasione del Safer Internet Day 2013, allo scop...
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Was tun bei Cyber-Mobbing?

Languages: de Age range:Older than 10 years old.
Keywords:Cybermobbing, Hilfestellungen, Unterrichtsmaterial
Resource type: course, lesson plan
Description:Unter Cyber-Mobbing versteht man das absichtliche Beleidigen, Bedrohen, Bloßstellen oder Belästigen ...
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Rusleyjan og Heimkoman

Languages: is Age range:10 - 16
Keywords:Rafrænt, einelti, siðferði, á, netinu, snjallsímar
Resource type: other, role play, textbook
Description:Rusleyjan, lestrarbók eftir Þórarin Leifsson er nýtt fræðsluefni fyrir miðstig grunnskóla, sem SAFT ...
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Gdzie jest Mimi?

Languages: pl Age range:13 - 15
Keywords:cyberprzemoc, film, e, learning, plan
Resource type: course, lesson plan, video
Description:Film, kurs e-learning oraz scenariusz lekcji dla uczniów w wieku 10-13 poświęcony problemowi cyberpr...
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Resource Catalogue Bratislava March 2014

Languages: en Age range:Older than 12 years old.
Keywords:digital, esfaety, cyberbullying, video, animations, application, guide, games
Resource type: guide, other, tool
Description:This resource catalogue showcases the best resources across the Insafe network (comprising 31 Safer ...
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Life Online

Languages: en, fi, sv Age range:7 - 13
Keywords:Online, safety, media, education, gaming, cyberbullying, privacy
Resource type: lesson plan, video
Description:Three videos and a teacher's manual in three languages. One video for 7 to 8 year-olds, one for 9 to...
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Languages: de, fr Age range:5 - 10
Keywords:Cybermobbing, Gefühle, Vertrauen, Uhr
Resource type: drill and practice, experiment, exploration, image, open activity, presentation, project, text, tool
Description:Inetraktive Bastelaktivität. Das Internet bietet eine Bandbreite von Webseiten für Kinder und sogar ...
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Feelings barometer

Languages: de, en, fr, pt Age range:6 - 14
Keywords:Cyberbullying, Feelings, Trust, Bullying
Resource type: demonstration, drill and practice, experiment, exploration, image, open activity, presentation, project, simulation, text, tool
Description:Cyber bullying is a growing problem in the online world. But bullying is not a special phenomenon of...
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Languages: de, fr Age range:Older than 6 years old.
Keywords:Cyberbullying, Cybermobbng, Mobbing, Stop, Gefühle
Resource type: course, drill and practice, exploration, guide, image, lesson plan, other, presentation, project, text
Description:Großangelegte Sensibilisierungskampagne gegen Cybermobbing. Die Kmpagne fördert einen fairen Umgang ...
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Talk show "W Sieci"

Languages: pl Age range:13 - 17
Keywords:lekcja, cyberprzemoc, grooming, e, learning, film, farna
Resource type: lesson plan, video
Description:Zajęcia „W Sieci” poświęcone są bezpieczeństwu młodych użytkowników Internetu. Przeznaczone są dla u...
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Donkey Ears

Languages: cs, en Age range:Older than 10 years old.
Keywords:cyberbullying, pupils, school, teachers, expert, advice
Resource type: video, video sharing platform
Description:Video Donkey Ears demonstrates possible case of cyberbullying of teachers, when new information and ...
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Languages: en Age range:8 - 11
Keywords:digital, citizenship, internet, safety, cyberbullying, malta, rights, responsibilities
Resource type: lesson plan, open activity, role play, textbook
Description:A lesson on the topic of Digitial Citizenship was developed for 10 year-old students. The main resou...
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Bouton d'aide et de signalement Net Ecoute pour Google Chrome

Languages: fr Age range:8 - 18
Keywords:Aide, conseils, signaler, ressource, jeunes, application
Resource type: application, tool
Description:Un problème ou une question sur le net, le téléphone ou les jeux video ? Accédez à des ressources pr...
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Resources in Cyberbullying Prevention

Top Resources in Cyberbullying Prevention


National helplines respond to the questions and concerns of young people linked to their experiences online or the harmful or illegal online content they encounter.

Find a helpline in your country.

For an overview of the work of the Insafe Helplines, download the information sheet.


Hotlines allow members of the public to report illegal content on the internet. The hotlines then deal with the reports by passing them on to the appropriate body (Internet Service Providers, the police, hotlines in other countries) in accordance with their operating rules. This helps to reduce the flow of illegal content and contributes to the effective protection of internet users. Hotlines are coordinated by INHOPE funded by the Safer Internet Programme.

Find out how to report illegal content.

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