Enable Webinars

Check out the ENABLE webinars and take the quiz to earn your ENABLE "knowledge" badge. 


If you are a teacher or a peer supporter and have followed the required training, you may also wish to receive a “Peer supporter” or “Ambassador” badge. Apply for this at info-enable@eun.org.



The ENABLE Approach: empowering parents to raise resilient children

Created by European Schoolnet (Belgium)


Teachers in action on the ENABLE project (in Croatian)

Created by Partners for Learning (Croatia)


How to set up an effective Peer Support scheme in your setting

Created by The Diana Award (The United Kingdom)





ENABLE... the helpline approach

Created by Center for Digital Youth Care (Denmark)


ENABLE for educators

Created by South West Grid for Learning (The United Kingdom)

'ENABLE for educators' is also available in a Prezi format:



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